Fifties Fashion

You are chic yet classic. You are also a bit conservative in the way you dress.
You believe that quality and style matter when it comes to clothes. You purchase carefully.

You don't jump on every new trend. You only go for what looks good on you.
Even if you have a great figure, you don't feel like you need to flaunt it. You are subtle in your sexiness.
mistygrey mistygrey
41-45, F
3 Responses Mar 15, 2012

That so called new look era with the cinched in waistline demanding the most beautiful of corstry, hosiery, and the most fabulous satin panelled girdles ever seen to my mind on the planet ; experiencing in wonder the sexy feeling of A snug wonderful panty girdle and silky nylon stockings available then in the store was an experience absolutely divine. These lovely garments we're of a tailored style of creation, scarcely seen today except in the coutoure houses at coutoure prices of course! I wore tailored s shirts h from England irts

Oooh Yesss! Absolutimente!! The clothes I could buy at the nexus of the 50's & 60's were fabulous.! alpacas; cashmeres, even my unlined cork colored mems soft pigskin dress gloves the ladies of pale calf. I didn't realize at the time of course what a very special. Period I was inhabiting! Being 1 having an intense fetish for the beautiful lingerie and the exquisite underpinnings madame wore in

I'm jeans and t-shirt when it gets hot, but in England I know you need a sweater with your blue jeans due to your climate. I agree .. 'You Wear it Well' ... I forget who wrote it, but it pops to mind when I think of how cool a person you have shown me you are ...

Yep, most of the time it's jumper/sweater weather here, but occasionally, just to catch us out, we'll get a weird mini heatwave in March ;)...Ohh, you say the nicest things! Great song :) It's been years since I last heard it, it was one of Rod Stewart's wasn't it?...I'll be thinking of a suitable song for you now! :)