Lilac's Are Perfect

I could be a lilac ..They are perfect little flowers. I love every color that you can grow. Lasting only a few  short weeks, sadly. The scent is so wonderful too. I can  smell Lilacs throughout the countryside when in  full bloom. I wish they bloomed all summer long.  I put vases of them in 2 or 3 rooms and it is heavenly .

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Really? I didn't know about the bleach. Hmmm I'll have to try that next time I get some fresh flowers! :)

Cut flowers are so cheerful in a home. I trim the stems every 3 days and add clean water..that makes a big difference. A drop of bleach kills the bacteria too.

Ohhh Owlie, I Love Lilacs!! I love the smell of lilacs and honeysuckle!!<br />
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If I were a flower, I would want to be a Carnation!! They are my favorite. They smell so good and last forever! At least two to three weeks after being cut and put in a vase!<br />
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Although I wonder if you cut me and put me in a vase, how long I would I last?! Ha ha ha