Warm Watermelon

As a little girl I couldn't eat enough watermelon.  My mother has dozens of pictures of me with watermelon.  Eating it in my little plastic pool.  Eating it sitting at the picnic table.  Me with a big smile across my face and two rinds in my hands.  My name was synonymous with watermelon, until that one July 4th when I was 12. 

July 4th is still my favorite holiday, but when I was a child it meant.....loads of watermelon.  I awoke that day with my mind only on one thing.  Watermelon.  The morning passed with talk of fireworks, and a visit to the swimming pool.  After hours splashing at the pool and working up an appetite, the only thing I could think of was that big melon sitting on the kitchen floor.  Hanging up my towel and swimsuit I proceeded to the kitchen only to discover that the melon hadn't been cut or refrigerated.  Well, no bother, I could fix that.  I began to carve up the watermelon and saved about 5 slices for myself.  Taking my heap out onto the porch, I sat on the steps and gobbled the melon.  Wow, that was so good I really needed a few more slices.  What's 3 more slices....it's mostly water anyway.  I gorged myself on that warm watermelon.  I lost count as to how much I ate.

Night descended and the fireworks flew into the air.  I OOOed and AAWWWed with everyone else but I could feel that things weren't all that right in my tummy.  I wrapped up the night with some ice cream and then headed to bed.  Two hours later began the night that will live in infamy.  I don't know if my mind has exaggerated the experience over time or it really did happen the way I remember, but it was one of the worst barfing experience that I can recall.  There was no end to the amount of watermelon that I threw up.  And no it's not all water.  I was sure I was dying a gruesome death at 12 years of age.

Needless to say I do not like watermelon.  The smell alone makes me wretch.  My advice.  Don't gorge yourself on warm watermelon because it isn't just water.


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This just happen to me yesterday ahh i know how u feel

lol same thing happened to me once when i was a kid i haven't eat watermelon since then xD<br />
i wasnt a big fan of water melon like u were but still i liked it and ive hated it since then

Really. Well that may explain the Linda Blair like problem I was having all night. Thank god it wasn't pea soup.

I don't know if it is true...or just something I was told so I wouldn't ask for both. But as a child I was told that eating watermelon and ice cream together would make you sick. Like I said I don't know...it stuck and I have never combined the 2.....lol.

Yeah! And you just read about it! It was awhile before I could eat quacamole tacos again!!! (The tequila, in stark contrast, was pretty much flowing down my gullet the next day!)

O god celery, that is gggeeeerroossss.

When I read the title of your story, I knew it would be about your watermelon experience!!! Fortunately, I've never gotten sick from eating too much of something, but I did have a run in with some cuervo gold a few years back! One shot too many. Needless to say, guacamole ain't too pretty after it's been partially digested!

I love Toblerone....I feel your pain. Plus toblerone is brown....eeewww.

Rockj, I'm pretty sure it was the truckload that I ate, along with ice cream and god knows what else.

This is funny. Are you sure it was just watermelon and nothing else that made you sick - if it really was - it's must've been a truck load that you ate - or possibly unripe/off! I would have expected you ending up on the toilet for hours, but it's strange that you got nausea. Funny.<br />
<br />
BTW, though, warm doesn't make a difference.... Fruit is supposed to be eaten warm - that's when it's most nutritious - comes from the times when the only time it was eaten was straight off the tree/vine/etc and was still warm from the sun.<br />
<br />
Chilled is just a preference that's come from the necessity of societies high production/transport/etc.<br />
<br />
Sad that you can't tolerate watermelon now, though - same thing happen with me and Bundy Rum! hahaaa

WOW! that's sounds bad.<br />
<br />
As she knows on wood (second while i tap my forehead). I guess I've been lucky cause it hasn't happened to me.<br />
<br />
Now there have been some foods I looked at and imagined that eating them would have the same results ... or worse.

I still remember after all these years. It's sad really because I remember how much I loved it.