Mayo Made Me Sicko

Being in a hurry, i went to a fast food place to get a quick breakfast. So i ordered the breakfast special. Sausage and egg biscuit with cheese. All went well til three hours later. 

Then it kicked in. Sudden weakness set in. I told the boss what was going on. Getting a day off from work was great but not like this. Fortunately, the bathroom had the sink beside the toilet.

For those of you who have had food poisoning, you know this experience. Pooping and puking at nearly the same time. And if that isn't bad enough, wait til you taste what the doctor gives to make you feel better. Not the best tasting stuff, but it will work. 


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3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

well i can say went to los angeles feb 2008, and it wasnt the food there that made us sick at all, must have been the food at the tullamarine airport in australia. my son and 3 daughters were all sick for 2 days, vomiting, pooping, you name it, it was just awful i think it may have been the mcdonalds breakfast i am sure... lucky the laundry room was across the hall from us we went through alot of towels, sheets and blankets.... but when we were there oct/nov last year we were all very healthy and happy that none of us got sick again....

Had that joyful experience about 22 yrs ago while traveling to Los Angeles with my 3 children all in diapers. Talk about a hotel room that was glad to see us leave.<br />
No more fast food for me since then.

been there.and hated every thing about it.