Anything Too Salty.

If I eat too much salt I wil throw up, when I was young it took me awhile to figure this out.  I loved salt and vinegar chips.  I lived in an apartment complex and sometimes when I was out playing, the big kids would go buy us little ones snacks.  Everytime they did this, I got the salt and vinegar chips and would later puke my guts up.

Also, country ham.  If I eat country ham it's over for me.  When I was little my grandpa used to make it and his rule was, you eat what is cooked and don't waste.  So I had no choice but to eat it if it was made for Sunday dinner.  I would puke all night. 

One Christmas I went to someone's house and had country ham, I didn't want it, but I was being polite.  Well, that night I slept over with a friend.  I got up puking in her toilet early in the morning.  The worst part was, her mom had one of those toilet fresheners in the toilet, high fragrance.  So now, anytime I smell one of those things I feel like puking.  I can barely stand perfume.  I don't wear floral perfume at all because of it.  If I wear perfume its usually fantasy by Britney Spears or this citrus coconut stuff I have that smells like pina coladas.  I cannot stomach heavy floral scents.

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A certain Hamburger chain always makes me spew!!