You're Different But For The Good

As almost all of the previous stories have been about Deers....I thought I'd write something else

You are a Baby bear. you are cute and very innocent. Your Parents love you very much and enjoy their time with you. They will show all the skills that you to use in the life of a bear. Some of them will seem more tough than others, but assure you they won't be. Nothing comes easily for you as food on your plates. You have to work hard for you food as your size is still not imtimidating. You and your family are seen among other animals as the protectors of your land and the heads of the operation. Tactics my not be your strong suit but your strength, power and timing, will prove a big part of your life if you succeed into adulthood.
Daveokay Daveokay
22-25, M
Nov 15, 2011