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You Are in the Genital Stage of Development According to Dr. Freud, you've reached the genital stage of development.
Whatever issues you may have had in your childhood have been resolved.
You don't have any hang ups, and you are able to function as a stable adult.
You are the model of being well-adjusted, and you are able to balance your life beautifully.


Hmmm.  Able to balance my life beautifully?  I reckon that test is broken.  For some of the questions, there was really no satisfactory answer, so maybe that's why the result is skewed.

Koala1964 Koala1964
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3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Normally you can follow the link for the experience group, in this case you'd click on <B>I Wtk What Freudian Stage You Are In</B> link near the top of this page, and it will take you to the home page for that experience which is where you'll see the web address (that I've posted at the bottom of this comment).<br />
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Sometimes when you go to the home page for an experience group for a particular quiz you'll find that no one has posted the address for the quiz, but you can usually Google it successfully. A lot of them seem to be from the site, so in this case you'd Google: <B>blogthings freudian stage</B><br />
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and it should produce a link to the quiz in the results.<br />
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Hahahahaha. You could be right :-)<br />
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I don't think it's a secret that people who become psychologists/psychiatrists do so to try to figure out what's wrong with themselves.

okay, mine says im in the same stage, so its gotta be wrong cuz why the heck am I on anti depresants then?<br />
:)<br />
Maybe its called genital cuz the person who actually created the little quizeroo had his thingy up his...