You Are The Dragon

  1. Which of these fairy tales do you like the best?

    • The Three Little Pigs

    • Alice in Wonderland

    • Sleeping Beauty

    • Rapunzel

    • Cinderella

    • I didn't answer

    • What do you like best about fairy tales?

      • The magic

      • The drama

      • The villains

      • The twists and turns they take

      • The happy endings

      • I didn't answer

    • You are powerful and a bit intimidating. While you do have a bit of a temper, your bark is much more vicious than your bite.

      In general, you tend to be fair and even noble. You treat everyone with respect, and you try to do right by people.

      However, if someone crosses you, you can get downright nasty. Your emotions can get the better of you.

      You don't literally breath fire when you're angry, but enough. It's best not to make you bad.

    • I didn't answer question #5.

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31-35, F
4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

yeah. I didn't answer three question. I just got an dragon.

Yeah but yours is great too,,, I like it when I stand up for myself,,,I do not like it when I feel like someone is putting me down,,,and they do not even know me,,,,that makes me want to spit fire for real,,,I feel like that right now about a team mate in school,,,lol,,,Mary

nice result.

I like yours,,,I can breath fire at times myself,,,,but this one is me too,,,lol,,,Love and Light Mary<br />
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Post it now! <br />
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You Are in the Genital Stage of Development <br />
According to Dr. Freud, you've reached the genital stage of development.<br />
Whatever issues you may have had in your childhood have been resolved.<br />
You don't have any hang ups, and you are able to function as a stable adult.<br />
You are the model of being well-adjusted, and you are able to balance your life beautifully