Alrighty Then

Here it is...

1. Type in "[your name] needs"
a cold shower

2. Type in "[your name] looks like"
freakin Nicole Ritchie in this picture  (O_0)

3. Type in "[your name] does"
not eat humans

4. Type in "[your name] hates"

5. Type in "[your name] goes to"

6. Type in "[your name] loves"

7. Type in "[your name] eats"
cake on sexy webcam

8. Type in "[your name] has"
permanent sexual arousal syndrome

9. Type in "[your name] died"
between 2000 and 1500 BC

10. Type in "[your name] will"
be in court today (uh-oh)

11. Type in "[your name] doesn't"
like me lyrics

12. Type in "[your name] wishes"
wishes she could be as cool as Micheal




brwneyedbeauty brwneyedbeauty
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 17, 2009

Thought I'd try this too - I need Handbag shopping, I look like a cafe flanked by a tremendous canopy, I complain, used to hate fudge but now hate crime, will go to the next COSSAC (?) meeting, love to go out and have fun, grabs a sandwich, has a fine collection of leather goods including handbags, am still alive but almost died apparently,will be making the 1400-mile drive to the capital of Italy in a £100 Fiat Tempra, the word delicious doesn't come close, passes on very best wishes.<br />
This made me laugh - a bit of fun at our own expense!