There's this song in my head,I had posted the lyrics and I felt that maybe it's a good idea to take note of the things we do each day that makes us feel proud,happy and accomplished..


I have a huge problem with procrastinating about almost everything..Somehow today I just put on some workout clothes and started walking..This song was playing in my ear and I  felt great..

Read for a bit and at the end of the day,I feel like I did something I actually set out to do,without even thinking about it too hard..


The song is called Proud by Heather Small,hope it inspires you too ...



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I hate my work! I'm missing out on the fun stuff here :( ...perhaps next week...<br />
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I'll start the meditating thing tomorrow. I'm quite restless today...bouncing on the inside here...LOL<br />
I will let you girls know how it works out.

I'll get my story done today...I think ;)<br />
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Where's part two...Maybe I'm too excited to read it<br />
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Can' t seem to find it LOL

Sylph,I will definitely get a video this weekend and try it....Now,meditating is completely different,I've tried it and yes I have a restless mind...<br />
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Taken,I can't wait to hear your report on your belly dancing adventure hehe...Shoveling snow is a workout in itself...Not sure if you'd be in the hip shaking mood after that :P

Bella, dear girl friends...get that belly workout and grind away. Get a dvd, too, Bells. I'm really excited to know you are both interested in it. Loads of fun...promise...our kind of fun! *Sylph gives a big wink*<br />
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I have a goal, too of late. Been postponed for some days now. Someone told me I need to relax and stop bouncing. LOL Well maybe lessen the bouncing. I need to learn to meditate........I can't even see myself sitting still; let alone meditate. :(

Did you ???<br />
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No fair ,leaving me hanging like this...LOL

I bet your dad felt really happy and proud to have raised a caring man such as yourself..Probably had a smile on his face ...<br />
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Thank you for sharing HFT....:)

V cool song bella - first noticed it on Tje Biggest Loser, nicr to see the vid.<br />
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Dad called me today ... new phone system from xmastime not workin, sure he had somethin messed up. Went over and learned that he had it all good - thing is jus broken. (shrugs) No big deal. But sat down an made sure he understands that I'm happy to help with this stuff - an anythin else he needs as he moves into his mid-70s. It's my turn.<br />
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Like the way you use tunes.

Believe me ,I know !!:)<br />
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My son gets into that chatty mood very often, and he gets upset if he feels like no one is listening...

Awww,that's sweet Dean.....

Definitely an accomplishment......<br />
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Thanks for sharing DV :-)