......... " Happy Holidays! " ..........

You love to celebrate the holidays and are the first to point out that they aren't just about Christmas. Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, and New Years.... You love them ALL!

So when wishing someone " Happy Holidays " it's not about making a stand against anything. Instead, you recognize that we each celebrate differently and THAT's something to celebrate .....

Yay!!!! " Happy Holidays" to one and all, no matter what your faith, or lack thereof. Peace on earth! .... And let's ALL have a Happy 2013! MUWAH !!! <3 Kath
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Thank You. Many of my friends viewed Happy Holidays as anti Christmas. Appreciate you showing them and me the error of our ways.

I think a LOT of people find/think " happy holidays" to be anti Christian . Thanks Climb.

Bah humbug!

I think you are teasing ..... You are aching to decorate the yucca in the lobby, ain't ya?
Hahahahahaha....... Here's a BIG holiday hug. ( hangs tinsel from Troll's nose ) oxo

Nooooooo! Spare me! One of the very few advantages of being here is the lack of festive crap! Have you hung your installation art yet? xx

A big N.O. NO! Installation piece is still outside on the front porch ... ( yawn ) you just hold on Missy, I'm going to find an appropriate group for a little holiday dip like thing I like to make, so don't bug me for a few minutes...... Dip.she.dip.she.dip ......

Sheep dip????????????????

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