A Lost Girlfriend

Well it all started when I was dating a girl she is the most beutiful girl I ever saw I said in my head well I liked her she liked me we dated but 5 months in our reliashonship she said she needed time and I lisend and we did but it had been a month well the next day I saw her she was moving she said and she started crying an left but I opended my locker An a note was in side I had a drawing of a tree + house=?. ? I thougt to my self hm.that night i pondered about it in my head I fell asleep and In my dream I was at the place where the woods start neer my house I saw a trail of leafs in a arow form so I fallowed it. It took for ever untill I looked up and saw the old tree house me an my gf made when we were little it had the same paper from my locker on the tree naled to a peace of bark.then I herd Somone coming but they were singing a song I came up with for my gf she loved that song I stud up and I was her her and I ran in to each others arms an then I woke up. As son as I did I jumped out of bed an went to the beginning of the woods I looked like the leafs were formed in an arow I ran to the old tree house and I herd the song I ran to her and huged her to find that she wasn't alown there was another Guy and he said to me did u like that note I looked at her and she turned her head in shame of what she had done I slowly walked away. I never saw her agin. Is isn't exactly the best dream but it had some good memory's. I had still loved her but I saw her again and we are dating again . True story
Jcain1234567890 Jcain1234567890
18-21, M
Sep 18, 2012