its such a beautiful experience! the last flying dream I had a few weeks back I do think I was somewhat in control of it!

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truly, science pretends to know, but how can it really?! da mind is unpredictable, at best.

i used to have flyin' dreams ALL da time. but since i've gotten a bit more in control o' me life i don't have 'em as much now. which is sad 'cause they were really amazin'...

Oh interesting perspective Tavis, do you liken flying dreams to being out of control in your life

i can't speak for others, but i b'lieve for me it was a sort o' escapism.'s like OBE...I love that feeling too!

I won't claim to be able to OBE !, no, but maybe if we were taught how, we as humans could all OBE.
its the realness and vivdness of the flying dreams.
Arn't they amazing!

..sure is... dreams are fascinating they can seems so real sometimes, like your awake everything so clear details, and sometime they seem very fuzzy, jumps from one view to another... But I have experience OBE while meditating, it was cool, also the ability to fly during meditation in your mental world was also pretty spectacular.. Meditation is like dreaming sometimes but you are more awake...Quite awesome, the mind we have, don't you think?//Me

yes indeed! I think science knows so little about what the mind is capable of.

..I think so too, did you know that we use only 15% of our brain...Einstein said if we ware able to use all of our brain power we would be pure energy...
By the way have you seen the movie Powder?

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