Summer Of Freedom

About 6 years ago, i found myself between jobs, so i decided to spend the whole summer up in the mountains at my cottage. My wife was working on a show in vegas, so i had no ties in the city for the 3 months she would be away...My cottage is pretty remote( i have only 1 neighbor, about 3 miles farther down the private road), and 100 acres of land to play on, with my own private lake and river running through it.

I had planned to do alot of renovations to the cottage, and some landscaping. With the exception of a couple of times that i had to go into town for supplies, i spent the whole 3 months naked as the day i was born

That was my Summer of freedom!!

truckeregan truckeregan
46-50, M
1 Response Feb 9, 2010

I would imagine you got the perfect all over tan? lol