At Least Ten Days...

at Midwest Men's Fest.

I drove naked to it, dressing only to get fuel, and the same after, But for the duration of the event, I was naked except for cap, several different years.

In one year, I had an amusing experience there. I was wearing only a pink hard hat, and was just going out the back door of the kitchen to the community dishwashing station. At the same moment, a guy was coming in the door with a two-wheeler of milk and we almost collided in the doorway (and I said, "Oh, excuse me!")! He was a big football-player-type black guy, and he almost fainted when he saw me! (The event is clothing-optional, but there are guys wearing everything imaginable there so I wasn't the most unusual thing he saw but he obviously hadn't been informed of the nature of the group!) He was nearly speechless, but managed to stammer, "Uh, where should I, uh, put this, uh, milk?" I simply said, "Oh, right here [just beside my location at that moment] in the walk-in." Then, when he was coming back out, I met up with him again (I had finished washing my dishes)! He recovered his composure and we chatted a minute before he went back to the truck.

I'm sure he had something to tell when he got back to the company!

I believe that was the longest stretch.

NakedDriver NakedDriver
56-60, M
Mar 6, 2010