Some dude just wrote me ....he wanted to spiritually enlighten me...he says that my having sex with dogs would get me in touch with my more animalistic side....GO AWAY! BLOCK! (you animal)
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yup this place brings all kinds lol sadly more of those kinds

<p>Lovely Hilly<br />
You can go and adjust your settings ...To only receive messages from people in your circle *ONLY* I have mine set up that way. They can't pm you or leave a scribble on you white board. There is a setting also where they can't even leave a gift.<br />
Blessings sent~ My pm box is on the bl<x>ink... maybe a good thing sadly~</P><br />
<br />
I try to not give this crap any satisfaction... if you ignore they don't get to gloat...

Good Idea darling, I'm changing my settings!!! Thank YOU!!!! Hugs!!!

I just did that and I thank you for suggesting this sweetie, I wasn't aware that I could do that.

Good grief. Some people are just sick. What did Salem say about that?

He said something ugly about people and dogs...cannot repeat it here! :D

Oh, well. There you have it. Good old EP and it's crazy old men. By the way, that Magnolia lady got in touch with me and was really nice and then she blocked me. Why the hell did she do that? She said you knew us both and then she just puts a block on me. Guess she didn't like me after all. Like I care. Ha, Ha. I guess I'm just mean. Hugs, BB

I have NO idea on earth why anyone would block YOU~ maybe it was an accident? I love you friend and sister.