Okay, Obviously We Have Different Birthdays.

Your Animal is the Goose You are are a resourceful person who needs a lot of stability in life.
You rather save for a rainy day, even if it means on missing out on fun impulses.

When you feel secure, you are incredibly creative and artistic. You are also very witty.
You like to invest in yourself and for the future. You like to always be learning and gaining skills.

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22-25, F
18 Responses Mar 18, 2009

First of all, Rommel, I LOVE YOUR PIC!!!<br />
<br />

where do you go to find out?

Lol... Good deal.<br />
<br />
I'll make you a Grasshopper. Minty and Chocolatey.

Yes I do!

Ah, you like fruity drinks :)

I usually drink sex on the beachs or pina coladas.<br />
<br />
I also like singapore slings and mudslides.

Oh, I take good care of my guests. I can make almost any drink you want.<br />
<br />
Don't be shy. Go out and have fun!!! :) (I don't like the phone either, so I only use it for business)

Well thats awesome. I love drinking at home, I find it more comforatable then a loud bar or club. Because I don't like loud stuff. I would enjoy drinking with you though, it would be fun.<br />
<br />
IDK I am just soo shy it's crazy. Once I open up to someone, I'm very talkative, even if im not drunk, but I can't approach people, they have to approach me. I even have trouble talking on the phone.

You should... We should go and get some drinks... I have a bar here, though, so you could drink for free.

Well, I can go into bars and get hammered, I've done it since age 15. But, I just never get to go out to them anymore =[

I got alcohol when I was under 21 :P... It helps in my line of work being friends with club owners and bartenders.

I wish I was older then I could buy alcohol.

Lol... Well, whichever works... I kinda wish I was older, but it's all good.

lol you're not old!!! I"m just really young!

Lol... Yeah, almost two years, lol. I feel kinda old when I think of that.

My birthday is October 15, 1989. So like, almost 2 years lol

Yes, we have different birthdays, I'm February 11th 1988... I'm about a year older than you, right?

Finally! We got a different result! :P