My Favorite Word(S)

I was recently asked by a friend to pick my favorite word. I thought that was a fun challenge so I'm posting here to see others' favorites.

My favorite, chosen in the moment: "Melodic".

As an adjective I think this word can be descriptive of so much beyond just the musical connotation. I've used it to describe spoken language, certain voices, and artworks.
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my word is melodramatic. well, Why don't you use for your list? It's a free tool, lacks some features but it's still in beta, so... I am pretty sure you'll love using it. Thanks for posting your words.

I like: awry and mercurial.

I'd have to go with "Picturesque". It even looks kinda cool !

I like that one too. And I agree that sometimes the poetry of certain words comes through in how they look on the page. "Picturesque" is a word that really conveys its definition by how it sounds and looks.

One of my favorites...
although i have many...
wait for it....
prattle as in
"go on and on and on andon andon...
smilin here...
i am a word nerd....
i just realized

Oh you do tend to prattle on, dontcha? Me thanks! I'm not the only babbler around!


One of my favorites is "indubitably"
I like how my mouth feels when I say it, makes me smile
Plus, a good vocabulary is always a good thing :)

It is a fun word to say! Almost like mumbling and being articulate at the same time!

Hmm, my favorites would have to be ethereal or seraphic. (Hard to choose!)

Now those I really like! My 2nd and 3rd choices were "ephemeral" and "poignant".

My favorite world is Blessed. Second favorite loyal.


Yes! "Blessed" is a word I use very often. Its a reminder that, despite life kicking you in the teeth, there's always something that makes every moment worthwhile. Be "loyal" to yourself, and you will always feel "blessed".

Headdres! :) well said

that's my name..

Serendipity as a name implies so much! Your parents were obviously thrilled when you came into their lives!

I am brain dead .... But what comes to mind: effervescent.,I use it both ways to describe people. As in, she is so lively and effervescent. Being cynical, what an effervescent sod. Also jaunty, kowtow.... And my favorite this very minute.... Icecream.

Excellent choices! Ice Cream can't count's everyone's favorite, isn't it?

P.s..... Had I had a daughter, I would have considered Melody, or Harmony for her name.

OMG! Melody would have been my FIRST choice if I ever had a daughter...It's been my favorite since I was a kid (yeah, the girly stuff started young).

I used to lie in bed and think of what I would name my children. It put me to sleep every night. Kinda weird about the Melody thing....

I don't think it's've heard the phrase: "Great minds think alike", right?
Maybe it's our generation (shut up) and the names we grew up hearing.

I don't know that I've heard of anyone being named Melody. Such a pretty name, tho. :-)

Really? I've known is a pretty name.

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