If It Was My Ideal Wedding Dress...

I would definately have to go with something elegant and prim...I love the 1920, 40 and 50's empire waists and something that shows the bust shape well with elegance. something simple but breathe taking and I kind of fancey the winter fur cape and a smart tiara of pearls and diamontes. to reflect who I would like to be.

a bouqet of flowers that define purity of heart cuz I would want to give my heart and body in the the purest way in marriage and I would want a man who is able to be strong enough to allow me to forget my past and being abused and raped.  I think a child or a woman who has suffered the indignity of rape and sexual abuse should be allowed to walk with esteme in her mans eyes because the shame of rape shouldn't befall on the victum forever, like aministy international says "rape is cheaper than bullets".  the silent abused child suffers terrible indignities and self blame- I need a man who can be supportive and not destructive to these values.

I would love to go to a fancy dress party as a cleopatra type, a greecian beauty or princess/ cinderella type just for fun

i like mexican/spanish traditional dress, and the elegance of 20's style and the "age of innocence" dresses or in the "pride and predudice" style dresses, i like the french revolution elegant ball gowns, and sweeping waves of blues in the video of "the blue danube" waltz on new years, as seen on utube. that would a lovely experience to be waltzed or taught to dance in such a regal setting like a palace.  it really is a great video clip.

ahhhh, the romance of it all and the drama of the costumes, but they couldn't equal the thunder in my heart if it really happened with a man that i loved.

hmmm sweet dreams, mr.c.crew...or some kind of wonderful  prince charming. if only ... again. but this time i was pretty for you or some one else if you don't feel the same for me.

If it was a winter wedding i would go for a cashmere long sleeve top peice and thick tule skirt... n ballet slippers

or a gorgeous satan lined gown with huge cape.

czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Feb 25, 2010