Affection!! :-)

our Love is Based on Affection Your need for love is very primal and basic. You can't imagine living without love. And for you, love is something that's best expressed through touch. You're always up for a hug or a cuddle. And you feel a bit rejected when you don't get enough affection. Whether you're sharing a blanket or sharing an order of fries, you thrive when you're close to the person you love. Why your love can last: You express your love freely and frequently Why your love can fail: You can come off as clingy, and this freaks people out Yes!! a lot of this is true, the only thing that is not true is the "clingy" that i am definately not!!!! :-)
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Ooooh!!! Roxanne1950!!, thank you! so much for sharing such a beautiful happening my friend!! oh!! yes! i know the difference between family members to those of another person to which there is no connection!! (so to speak) Yes!!! i can believe it, there is no need to convince me, my friend!! i have found my soul mate years ago and we, thankfully are still going strong now today!! nearly 30yrs!!! :-) thank you! for sharing your story!!!! :-)

I have loved and in many ways. The love for my parents, the love for my siblings, the love for my children. I have fallen in love, lost love and been dissapointed in love especially ny a person I expected a lot more support from. <br />
I can truly say I have only felt deep love with a couple of people. <br />
I have found a very special love recently and never ever thought I could make a connection like this without physical touch.<br />
But it has happened, the connection is incredible. I cannot believe how blessed I am to have met this person. Our trust is total, and we cannot deny our feelings for each other.<br />
Call it fate, but something drew us together, where it will lead I do not know.<br />
The only thing I am certain of is that we love each other.

Awww!! my sweetie!! i'm so sad to read of that! :-) If you need to chat you know where i am!!, :-)

I don' know what love is anymore