Your Love is Based on Friendship

Your Love is Based on Friendship

For you, chemistry doesn't really happen without compatibility.
Companionship and openness are the most important parts of your relationships.
Whoever you love should be your best friend.
And falling in love with a good friend is never out of the question.

Why your love can last: You only fall for people who you truly understand... and who truly understand you

Why your love can fail: Sometimes you don't admit how important physical chemistry is to you.

jjslair jjslair
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 16, 2009

I totally agree with you, theredlady - chemistry is definitely only one component of love, and a truly exciting and important one at that!! Without friendship though, for me, the chemistry just wouldn't be there, and I truly believe that, because I have known my husband since my first day of the ninth grade (I was fourteen years old then - that was 22 years ago). Brandon actually saw me that morning when I got out of my mother's car (I didn't see him), and told himself that I was the girl he was going to marry! At the time, I didn't like him - he was always just my "friend". Now, I don't know what my life would be without him, and I could never imagine myself with another man. So I know for whatever reason, the quiz results that I got here were dead on!

I guess chemistry could play a role, but what is it when only one is in love? I think chemistry is only one factor in love. There are too many to list so just enjoy the roller coaster and trust you'll reach the end.