Hmmm I Don't Wanna Know...

Let's see I'm at work and my cats have free reign of my house... I'm thinking they're running around doing everything they're not supposed too.. lol Ya know curtains, papers, plants.... It's like day camp for them.. lol Party time when I'm away.. I'm thinking that's why they always seem so tired when I wwalk in the door.. They wore them selves out.. lol
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5 Responses Feb 25, 2009

At least you know what your pets up to... hehe<br />
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Awww.... ((hugs)).. That's sad.... :(

when the cats away the mice will play hehe......i wish i knew what my pet was doing right now but she isnt mine anymore my landlord made me give her away

My pet cow is digesting right now. : )

Lol....That's funny... No thanx.. I think I already have a cat with alzheimers... Long story on that one.. <br />
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Chamelon... Yep thats what they are most often doing..

Would you like another cat? My satan-spawn cat is driving me to the edge. Trying to get into the fish tank. Not so much to get to the fish, because I'm sure he's not smart enough to know there's a fish in there and he has no concept of "fish" in general, but I think he likes to drink the water. And it only makes him sick.