You're a total pleaser.  One sample of your touch, and anyone is hooked. You're so good that you've gotten people off just with your incredible kissing.  You're a bit of a romantic, and you only have sex that's meaningful.

Cancer, you are a born pleaser.  Few people can resist your passionate, playful allure.  An incurable romantic, you adore being courted.  You'll do anything for a lover that sends you flowers or love tokens.

You like lots of cuddling, touching, and kissing. You are a celebrated kisser.  You also like to touch and fondle yourself.  Typically, you learned to give yourself pleasure at a very young age.  As an adult, you are easily aroused and multi-orgasmic.  Mutual ************ is very satisfying for you.

You are extremely aware of your sexual attraction.  You telegraph your sensuality with every move you make. You have the most communicative body language of any sign.

You are very emotional, and you constantly need an emotional outlet.  Frequent sex seems to calm you down.  But you are old fashioned, and a quickie is not your style.  You prefer long, slow seductions, erotic massages, and lots of oral sex.

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4 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Nice story.

Wow, my wife was a Cancer, and thats a pretty good description of her. What a sweet sweet kisser!

Hmmm.... Snap... mine too... wonder how that runs with my Scorpio side :-)

WOW! One touch. Amazing. Might be a healing quality for some lucky one too. '-)