My Soulmate Is Practical

You are a highly romantic person, so much so that you need a partner to drag you back down to earth.
Your soulmate is reasonable and rational. Your true love doesn't get swept away quite as quickly as you do.

You are likely to have a close circle of friends, and your ideal partner has equally valuable friendships.
You are a people person, and you could never be with someone who was too much of an introvert
xxNiteGypsyxx xxNiteGypsyxx
46-50, F
1 Response Sep 6, 2012

A soulmate is the other that is the ying to my yang.
You share values but may have different opinions.
You process information simularly but not the same information.
Beliefs are respected, life experience honored.
The has to be compatable strenght and spirit.

My soulmate may have lived a very different life but....
All lives are made of many levels. To be my soulmate there has to a connection on multipal levels. Not the same but connected. If there is the connections then the details can be crafted.