Tried It... Liked It... Did It Again...and Again

In my thirties, I went thru a period of horny bicuriousity...then went to adult bookstore one horny afternoon.... and found myself in a booth...with a gloryhole.

The guy next door put his fingers thru and wiggled them at me.. and when I was too slow...he put hid **** thru to my side. It was huge... easily 8+ and thick. So much so..I at first thought it was a ***** toy from out front of the store.  But, I wrapped a hand around it... and it was definitely real.. warm, soft and hard at the same time, and had a pulse. I stroked him for a few minutes..then he withdrew... and again wiggled a finger at me... I let my unzipped pants fall further down...and stepped closer to the wall... as I slipped my **** thru the hole...I felt him lick the head...and then felt the warm wetness of his mouth...taking me deep...sucking me... and I was pressing my hips against the wall.  After a few minutes, I was already getting close, and decided to both take a break and to actually try sucking my first ****. As I pulled back, he quickly slipped his **** back into the hole... I dropped to one knee... and wrapped my lips around the head...and slowly took more into my mouth...and throat. I can still recall how amazingly "NATURAL" it felt to be sucking a ****, and giving pleasure to another person like that.  I also proudly realized I was taking a good portion of his large **** into my mouth and throat... not bad for a beginner. I was hooked!.. .I sucked and sucked and slurped until he signaled he needed a break. He withdrew...and I again gave him mine. THis time, I pressed my hips harder against the wall... balls and **** thru to the other side.. and I quickly reached the point of a large, knee buckling ******.  When I recovered, he had slipped from my **** and left the other booth. I never got him to ***... and actually, never saw his face. But.. I did suck my first **** that day.

Bimike43 Bimike43
46-50, M
4 Responses Feb 21, 2010

I love to watch guys suck ****, the way they get into it just turns me on. I like it even more when they jack off while they are doing it. So Friggin hot

keep on sucking.....MMMMMMMMMM

Congrats, on your first ****.

Extremely hot!