I would  wear a heart shaped necklace.


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thanks for your comments..

ZZTop has a whole rocking song about a chick that only wanted a pearl necklace. LOL

I would have to say a pearl necklace

For my 18th birthday, my then-true love gave me a necklace that was a very smallsolid, puffed gold heart. I treasured that for a long time and wore it always. Until that love was untrue anyway. So hearts can be very special, as can crosses. When I was a child I had a small gold cross that had engraving on it that had belonged to my mother. I wore for many years also.

For many years I wore a very delicate gold star of David about 1" wide even tho I am not Jewish. It always made me feel safe and secure. It caused some confusion from those who didn't know me, but nothing negative. I really loved that star, and eventually gave it to my sister, but I don't think she wears it.