Country Boy

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P         l          P
  r        l        l
    e     l     a
       s  l  y


Well, I live down cheer is South Caroliner. If yall want to know my accent, then why ain't che just asked before, ya heuh?  If you need me, I'll be down yander, in these here sticks that I call home.

Ok i just found out for this group you have to take this quiz, i just went back and took it, and guess what.  It said I have a southern accent... Haiyal Yehuh :)

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2 Responses Sep 24, 2011

Can I move in to your home away from home? You've basically created everything I've ever wanted to live. Oh and I'll bring my dog, he loves the water and I'm pretty sure he would be best friends with your dogs haha.

come on down haha, the clubhouse is open. I slept down there last night because my sister stayed with us and slept in my bed. but winter just started so if we go to the river we can't swim :(

These were all very nice videos. Kind of peaceful and relaxing. Do you spend a lot of time alone with your dogs?