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Hmm Needs Improvement

  This quiz hit it on the head that I had a Midland accent but unfortunately I think that it lacks somewhat with the uniqueness of each accent. The most interesting thing that I find about the different accents is not the twang, the lack of accent or even the drawls, etc; but the way that we all pronounce things in the different states that we live in such as in Georgia they say "foh" instead of "four" while we won't even go into KS words LOL!

Dormantdrakon Dormantdrakon 22-25, F 3 Responses Mar 27, 2009

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I know what you mean Lunnas since I now live in the South so I hear that a lot on the phones when they ask where I am from. Most people have implied to me that I don't have an accent although they just stare at me when I seem to mis pronounce something like I am stupid such as I always learned Gladys was Glad-is instead of the usual for anyone..... Seems like KS is more naive than the Southern hillbillies but then you do have Jeff Foxworthy LOL.

I have a southern drawll<br />
some times i hate it becalse peple see us southerners as the hillybillys on tv uneducated . and breeding with our familys<br />
but most of us dont . if i could choose my accnet it would be britten

an canadian one :P