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I grew up in the west, but spent almost 11 years in the inland north so...


What American accent do you have?

Your Result: The Inland North  

You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

aqua59 aqua59
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3 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Nope...all over the place here Sunny! <br />
And holding your tongue? So unlike you!

Gee, I thought Subway Sandwich bars were local joints, here! They have them elsewhere too? How unimaginative is that?<br />
And I think, I won't even say at this juncture what I think.........

Same here pickle...<br />
<br />
I remember the first time i went into a Subway sandwich shop when i was in Michigan. I asked the sandwich maker what kind of soda they had. He said they did not have soda. Puzzled I looked at him, he thought I meant soda water. He did explain they had many different pops.