Imagine That's what I ALWAYS order, lol.

Fried Rice

You are easily pleased and continually optimistic. You know that life is great, and you have enough room to notice the little things.
You've got a happy little routine going, and to be honest, you're not looking to change it much.

You tend to order the same things each day off the menu of life. You are content with your favorites.
You're the type of person who rather improve what you like than find something new. You like to fix things up and make them just a little bit better.
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36-40, F
1 Response May 12, 2013

Make it Pork Fried Rice & I'll eat it too, as for your story.. I got nothing lol

lol....we can make it anything you like sweetie ;) But, I usually get the combo, no beef... just FYI. xoxo

so many wicked ideas!!