It All Depends On Who You Ask.

My 1st ex was my high school sweetheart.  Well, he was the one in high school  I was in Jr high school.  Every once in a while we kept in touch even tho we both had married. (together 2yrs)

My 1st ex husband and I have nothing we need to talk about. (together 3yrs)

My 2nd husband still owes me like $7,000 so he avoids me at all cost. (pun intended.)  We separated in '06 and to this day we are soul mates. My dtrs said he has mentioned it as such.  (together 8yrs) 

My 3rd husband and I ended our marriage in '93.  We still have coffee.  I was the fool and left him.  (3yrs)

My 1st girlfriend broke my heart  in '94 and I choose to have nothing to do with her. (3yrs)

My 2nd girlfriend doesn't want anything to do with me.  She said she loves me too much, it would hurt.  Otherwise I'd be friends with her. (3yrs)

My 3rd girlfriend drove me insane and I made a mistake trying to work it out.  I run from her still. (3yrs)

My 4th girlfriend fed my crack addiction and I'm clean now with many mi. between us!  (3yr).

There's something about 3yrs being a defining point in my relationships.  Hmmmmmmm

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2009

My ex and I divorced 5 years ago after a 4 yr separation!<br />
<br />
We had been married since '78,but left me to live with her <br />
<br />
lover, girlfriend!...Life is far to short to hold a grudge! We <br />
<br />
are still the best of friends!

Hmmm yes interesting pattern. Did you realise that 3 years was the definining point before you sat down to write this?<br />
<br />
I'm confused about your second and third husbands - you said your second marraige ended in '06 and your third in '93. Is there a typo in there somewhere or did your second marraige continue through several other relationships? Just curious.