You Are A Friendly Ex You and your ex are just friends - great friends really.
(At least that's what you keep telling yourself!)
While civility is a good thing, make sure you're not secretly wanting more...



this is pretty true.  there is only one ex I don't talk to because he was a complete douche bag.  the rest I talk to.  I am still good friends with each of them.  

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25 years that is amazing. I hope i can do that :) it would make me so happy :)

My 1st marriage lasted 6 years and I still hear from her from time to time. My 2nd marriage lasted 1 year and I haven't seen or heard from her sence. My 3rd marriage is going on 25 years, we still love each other, we still talk like kids to each other, the sex is still great, she still is a hottie to me, we stiss hold hands when we go somewhere, and she is the best friend that I have ever had in my entire life. I sincerely hope that you are as lucky as I have been. We didn't get married until I was 39. She was 29.

haha we never really talk about other relationships only knowing that we each have or don't have someone else is enough. you know what i mean. I'm not going to lie in the beginning of the getting better from the break up process of my last ex i saw who he was dating... well it was not a good break up and his mother and I planned ending his new relationship (she was a *****) we in the end had to do nothing she was crazy. (me and him were planned to get married so you can see where this kinda originated from) but we talk here and there when good news comes up in our lives. his mother and I are still extremely close though.