An Elf...

An Elf

More often than not you are a peaceful person, but you will prove a mighty foe if faced with an enemy. You are connected with nature and often form bonds with animals. You are in no hurry with your life. You take great care in anything and everything you do perfecting your skills down to a T. Honor is the most important thing to you. You rather die than dishonor yourself or your people.

*checks my ears to see how big they are*
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26-30, M
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ohh no it's ok,Sweetie...i can take it! *screams out waving desperately at kitti*<br />
<br /> was that close!..

*runs to elf scribs and hands with the golden ring* now your the lord of the rings no?...wait wth .. that was a hobbit not an elf .. give me my "precious" back .. *takes ring pouting and stomps away *