Full On Assasin


what kind of fantasy character are you?

Your Result: Assassin


You're cunning and sly. You stay in the shadows awaiting you're most opportune moment for attack. You are looking out for number one above all others and will kill those that stand in you're way. You appall brute force and avoid it if you can. Though you're a killer that doesn't mean you'll do anything. You have a reputation to think about after all. Leave the lowly jobs to those more deserving.


it wont let me copy the bars, but the assassin one was full and the others were TEENSY hehehe assassin. yey!!!

18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

i wont :) i only show it when i'm A. hyper or B. mad

Oooo, don't let me on your bad side! :O lol