Wide Open But Dammaged

I have no answer being on EP and doing what I was doing, probably should have not been here in the first place.. I met this nice girl on EP about a month ago We flirted exchanged gifts an share a wonderful time here on EP Then she told me she loved me….I opened my heart we really had a great time she did keep sending mixed messages…Last night we both broke the Ice and thing were going great….I said something that she took the wrong way and she emailed me that it was off and I emailed back and tried to explain. I tried to say I’m sorry and begged her forgiveness for something I’m not sure what I did…. The moral of the story is, I opened my heart door to her and she slammed it shut…I’m devastated I miss her It hurts so very bad…
intothenight2001 intothenight2001
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

Not only that I had to delete an account ...And start this one.. I just cant unerstand people why they get off doing what they do..

Yeahy............... And she stalked my friends one other nice lady I had to a lot of damage control she hurt a lot of people ....Moral of the story be careful....yes it hurts...been there before, but I'm learning from it...