Does This Mean I'm A Fool?

The survey says:  

You Have a Loving Heart

You believe that love can solve all problems. Love is powerful, and people definitely need more love in their lives.

You love easily and you love often. You believe in unconditional love.

Your heart is giving and willing to put it all on the line. You aren't afraid to show some love.

Your love life is deep and fulfilling. Because you are able to love so easily, you get a lot of love in return. 



I don't think I'm quite this soft and carefree - makes me seem like a teenage girl who just got her notion of love from watching the Titanic.  Then again, I like totally totally loved that movie.  


jimmyblue jimmyblue
41-45, M
10 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Oh my goodness...seriously ? ? ? Fine...I'll rate your story up one more notch. ;)

Thank you Secret. I guess I can be mushy about love. I don't know that one style of love is better than another, but that is I suppose how I am. :)

You two are crazy...LOL! ;) Dyna-nuts!!!............just kidding... ;)

Like dynamite! I like that ... hitting everybody ...

Thanks fungirl. :)

Awwww no, it means you are adorably sweet.

Yes, I think you said it about right Lilly. I am tempted to make a wisecrack comment, but just so everyone knows I don't really believe that love solves everything.'s here on the right hand side links on Jimmy's stories - "Hi my name is Jimmy and I am a Flirt Addict...Enjoy reading it. :D

Sylph I have to read that story,how in the world did I not see it...<br />
<br />
You loved Titanic...hmm well yes you're certainly a lover hehe ;)

Well, there you go. This goes hand in hand with your Flirt Addict story. LOL ;)