Little Girl Lost...


i remember being mostly shy and quiet, creative, content to be alone to read and daydream..though the older i get the more blank spaces i have when looking back on my childhood..i believe i was traumatized in various ways and got more insecure through the years, especially my teens..i didn't accomplish the things i wanted to, my dreams seemed to disintegrate and my self-image and esteem steadily declined..where did that little child go, i wonder? i want her back 

pitbullbeauty pitbullbeauty
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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

Are you doing anything that affects your brain function? I know that when I eat a lot of sugar I feel spacey. It is a drug. So if someone say, takes drugs, they will lose part of their brain's function, depending on dose, etc. A lot of food, any food, also creates a fog. But maybe none of this is related to what you're saying. I know I feel foggy often :-( <br />
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