I Love Lasagna...

You Are Lasagna

Compared to most people, you are open hearted and genuinely friendly.

You go out of your way to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy.

It's likely that you're a good cook, and you have a few signature crowd pleaser meals.

You enjoy entertaining and welcoming guests into your home.

Yep, that describes me very well.  I LOVE to cook for friends and family and the more the merrier around my dinner table :)  Mmmm...and one of my favorite things to make is homemade lasagna!  
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56-60, F
8 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Welcome Miss Welshbabe ;) I LOVE lasagna!! (((HUGS)))

Awwwww! :D yes this is how i see you! my darling giggles!! :D Oooh! and i am hungry to! lol I see you make a mean! "homemade lasagna"! hmmmmmm! :D <br />
Thank you for sharing your post my gorgeous friend! :D

Aaw, Hello Miss Unshakable... I've missed you! I'm doing very well and hope you are feeling better :) I just love lasagna... yes, that picture makes me hungry too !!

LOL I noticed that!! We must all be very hungry.... there's another one to see if you are cake or pie. I didn't bother, I just went in and got a piece of cake and ate it instead of taking another quiz =D

I love it so much.Can't get my eyes off the picture.How have yo been my dear friend?Thinking alot of you.HUGS

I love to cook and Italian food is one of my favorites.... I'll set a place for you!

LOL Of course you can, Miss Floydess!! The more the merrier and I make a great lasagna :)

Mmmm..... lasagna is worth cheating on the taco for :) ((hugs))