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What kind of serial killer are you?
Your Result: Psycopathic murderer

One of the worst in a bad group,you dont really have a reason for killing,you just do it for the pleasure.The police arent a concern for you,as you would like to go down with a fight.
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1 Response May 13, 2011

??? What in the world? This grosses me out. I looked into the quiz and my results was: Your Result: Cannabalistc killer: "You like to dismemebr and eat your victims after youve had your way with them.You dont kill often,but when you do its gruesome.The police probobly already know youve killed,but they cant really trace any of the murders to you,so your not really concerned with them."<br />
I don't feel like joining this Group and Posting it. Now lets keep our minds away from this issue. Please?