British Sexy

I'm the kind of woman that men see from across the room and know I mean business. My attitude toward sex is totally different, especially since I was raised in the UK (my mother is English). Yes, I am an American, but I was raised in Europe for awhile. I understand the difference between a guy ******* off inside me and making love. Everything from the kiss to how I dress. By the way, I do not even have to take my clothes off to make love to a man either-it starts with the mind. Once a woman has that, a man becomes putty in her hands. British Sexy is "not mixing words" (which the English are famous for), an getting to the point/deed, and not being ashamed of one's sexuality.  In other words accepting who you are and not apologizing to anyone. Further, having the self-confidence of doing the art of "You"! That is British Sexy....

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A sexy uk woman who knows it is the horniest in the world

Hmmm....well, let's put it this way. It's not about the birth certificate. It's about the culture, the atmosphere, and other little things. There is a difference...