Abstract and Sequential

Your Thinking is Abstract and Sequential

You like to do research and collect lots of information.
The more facts you have, the easier it is for you to learn.

You need to figure things out for yourself and consider all possibilities.
You tend to become an expert in the subjects that you study.

It's difficult for you to work with people who know less than you do.
You aren't a very patient teacher, and you don't like convincing people that you're right.


MichaelMalek MichaelMalek
31-35, M
1 Response Jun 2, 2009

This is really scary... how a few little questions can give you such an accurate reading WOW!!!<br />
<br />
Even the not patient teacher bit... which is something I have to constantly bite my tongue on (with great success) when im trying to teach or show something to someone who doesnt have a clue LOL!