I Thought I Would've Been Sandman



I thought I would've been Sandman because of my connection to Silver01ta and this song but oh well. 

You Scored as nothing else matters

NOTHING ELSE MATTERs...hell of a song...yet again...another one of metallicas best songs on their black album...



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3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

You Scored as One<br />
One...about a soldier who is at war...and steps on a land mine...is in a comma, arms and legs blown off...**** is it a great song....i listen to it whenever im in the car...<br />
<br />
One 40%<br />
<br />
master of puppets! 20%<br />
<br />
and justice for all...13%<br />
<br />
Enter sandman 7%<br />
<br />
for whom the bell tolls 7%<br />
<br />
nothing else matters 0%<br />
<br />
<br />
Nuthin but happy with the result. One of my fave songs


I think so, too.

Aren't they just the greatest?