The Fairy.... Hmmmmm

You Are the Fairy

You are charming, cheerful, and a little bit magical. You make other people's lives better.
You are a bit eccentric at times, but you truly care about people in your own way.

You are hyper and restless. It drives you crazy to sit still, and you are usually the first to leave any event.
You are unpredictable and flighty. No one can guess what you'll be up to next ... or where you'll be!
ambroseguy80 ambroseguy80
46-50, M
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Sounds like a good way to be to me. Now I will go take this quiz because well.. earlier this week I threatened to unleash wild monkeys on people who copy and paste chain mail posts on another website... I should make sure I am not the evil sorcerer.

LOL can you tell how confident I am in my manhood that I even published this? ;-)