According to this quiz I am a Caslte. Maybe this is why I dream about roaming through large buildings and navigating hallways and tunnels all the time.

Who knew?

The Quiz Results:

You are the Castle

"You are a bit of a homebody and even somewhat of a loner. You function best when you're all by yourself.
Other people see you as mysterious and even a little scary. They don't understand how deep and complicated you are.

You have many layers to your personality, and there is always a surprise waiting around the corner with you.
You aren't as scary as you seem, but you are intense. You require people to confront things about themselves that they rather not know."

People have told me I am scary and confrontational at times - I didn't know Casltes were scary or confrontational but - one learns something new every day.

And now I am one more moment closer to that main Castle in the sky...

jenvice jenvice
46-50, F
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Yes you are. A splendid castle that glows in the eyes of a discerning knight.

Hey, is that a moat around you? ;-)

Yes I have a moat. It is desgned to warn off potential frogs disguised as princes.

Good thing I am such a fairy! ;-)

Yeah, it sounds better maybe then being a large drafty stone building - but I think I threw the whole quiz off when I answered the last question by saying I would prefer to be the Prince in the Fairy Tale so ....

But let's face it what could be easier than being the Prince? As far as I remember he generallly has a small part - once in awhile he gets to dance and his big move is usually kissing a girl which somehow sets the world right again. Even I would kiss a girl if that would fix everything.

LMAO And I don't hold that against you! :-)

Looks like we are both about to have some new circle requests. Outed by a fairy tale quiz - lol

Is that where they all come from ohhhhhh I just got a naked lady

Yes, they often show up after I make some off -handed joking remark. Cracks me up...

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