A Noun :)

You Are a Noun

You are very concerned with the material world and what is actual.
Facts interest you, and it's likely that you keep up with the latest news.

You do well with ideas and concepts you can actually see. You are a very visual person.
You are the type who knows every person and place in town. You're very well informed.


welshbabe welshbabe
46-50, F
9 Responses May 17, 2011

ScreaminMime, :D i can't find your story on here, so i am unable to make a comment back to you my friend! :(

Ooooh! ScreaminMime! :D thank you so much for stopping by! and letting me know! my friend :D I shall be checking your's out in a min! :D Thank you for your comment to! :D

Awwww! thank you so much sierra! :) yes it is true, my young friend :) thank you so much for your feedback! darling! :)

Aww, welsh this sounds like you, very engaging and aware of whats around you! Totally AWESOME!!

Lollollol :) Plaid :) what a great thought you have there! my friend!!! :) lol i like it!! :) Thank you for commenting! :)

Ahhhh....add my adjectives to your nouns and we're in business!

Awwww! thank you so much SM2010!! :) for your comment to my young friend :)

Lollol thank you jimmyrudyjump! :) I like the way you carefully phrased this sentence! lmao! lol :) Thank you so much for your comment! my friend! :)

Great! We would make great sentences together : )<br />
And it seems to fit too, to the larger extent...