On the outside, I am the nicest girl you will ever meet. If you were to talk to everyone I know, not one of them would say that they do not like me. I have no enemies and I am always smiling.

The part of me that no one sees does not care at all for others feelings. I am able to find just the right words to turn any situation in my favor and  destroy a person. I somehow manage to not  seem like the jerk, and they always end up apologizing to me like they are the person who did something wrong even if it was completely my bad.

Maybe it comes from years of being manipulated in a similar way, or having a major guilt complex as a younger kid,but a few years ago something happened and I just kind of stopped caring. It's like a switch I can turn off and on as I please, but I can't help but wonder if when it is 'on' it is just an imaginary feeling...
krhfour krhfour
May 5, 2011