My Fear (apparently)

You Are Necrophobia

You are the fear of death.
You are type of person who doesn't fear much... even if you are scared of dying.

Unlike most people, you truly understand that you will die one day. Even if it terrifies you!
You try to face your fears and live in the moment. As long as you don't die, you'll be okay.


Ok um...not bad for a multi answer quiz.

Maybe I do have a fear of death. If so, I cant say its an all that worthy cause. Because If you do die (sorry for my morbid blabberings), theres not actually much you can do about it. Sure you can fight it, but in the end we are all part of that circle of life, we are all eventually going to die.

But just before you think that thats it. I assure you I have other fears.

Fears of.. loosing the people I love, failing, being lonely...

I regularly find some aspects of life pretty terrifying. Like driving for instance. Money? Yes.

How one day my parents will pass on and I will have to be defending myself on my own with out their wisdom and love. - But hopefully if I give myself enough of a head start I might be somehow able to withstand some of these eventualities.

I guess im probably not going to be summing up this story very well.. it is (after all) late, and I have work in the morning and I cant really think straight, but instead of leaving all the work to the guesswork of a quiz, I thought I ought to personalise it a bit.

JulySunSoul JulySunSoul
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 17, 2010

you are right. when a fear becomes so much so that it does seem to take over your life you need to do something about it. <br />
we will always have fears but we cant do anything about things we cant control.