The Beauty Of Venus

Your Name Comes From Venus

You truly appreciate beauty in all its forms. You easily see the beauty in everything.

You are an admirer of art, nature, and even people. Grace and style appeal to you.

You are naturally attractive and alluring. You often have a strong mutual attraction going on with people.

And while you prize beauty, you are not a snob. You see what is unique and special about each person.


OHHH I love it !!! *kitti dances and sways under Venus's light*


softkitti softkitti
22-25, F
8 Responses Mar 6, 2010

How beautiful ..*runs to 8 foot and hugs him tight* thank you so much , it made this little kitti speechless for sure .. thank u so much for picking my story to post this ...=-D

8footdread wipes away his tears shed for the indescribable beauty of the dawnstar and sings...<br />
<br />
fly oh ancient song<br />
to retrieve for me a sacred flower<br />
born of love blossoming<br />
should you pluck it from the stars<br />
I would place it as a precious gem<br />
upon the breast of my beloved<br />
to outshine the dawn <br />
and bejewel my evenings <br />
with her Venus beauty<br />
fly oh ancient song

aww thank you and cheers to you to yo boyep =-)

*giggles and hugs scribs * thank you darling <br />
<br />
ahhh Reece darling I believe you are in kittified shock ... the effects will wear off ....but you may see colors for a few minutes and find your self dancing uncontrollably in circles ....uhh ohhh another kitti attack coming <br />
<br />
*runs at Reece ...sprays him with pink water pistol ... pulls cord ... chocolate sparkles fall from ceiling and disco ball descends begins* yayayyayay

Wow, what the heck just happened?

That's pretty accurate i'd say :P

yayayayy * grabs Reece and dances with him ....throws sparklies in the air ... pulls cord colored balloons fall on them* ....*giggles*

Awwwwwwwwwwwww thats cute (and spot on)