They Were So Young

They are so young,
and act so tough.
My son is just one of them.
He's a US Marine.

I grow more fearful every day,
I just want to say.

The news can''t report  what they go through.
They themselves can't even say. 
 They lock down all communique.

I wait and wait impatiently,
"Please don't let it be him."
I really don't want it to be any of them.

I want to know what happened,
But I know full well, it won't be opened.

As long as I don't give a clue,
they won't give a care, but I do.

They were all so very young.
Please be careful, my Son.
I now know it wasn't you.
Boshie Boshie
66-70, F
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Some are so bored, they respond to their own story, it must have been really boring. I think war is such a waste of lives and money. They stick so many ships in a gulf, not meant for a bunch of destroyers, aircraft carriers and even submarines. What do they expect will happen?
" Up telescope ! " "Whoops, someone should have checked sonar to see that destroyer passing by. Crapola ! " That's going to be an expensive fix, but they'll be out of commission for quite awhile. Maybe someone was thinking ~ "I wanna go home."