Depends ...

At work I am attracted to gentle, calm, quietly effective people.. probably because I am not feeling calm at all!


But outside work I love spending time with people who enjoy fun and laughter




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Hmm .. could be <br />
<br />
Amongst other things!

Haha ..<br />
<br />
My back is killing me!

I had no aplomb at work today .. :(

Why thank you... tasmin

Aplomb .. hmm .. thats a yummy word! <BR><BR>*rushes off to find dictionary*

Honesty, Loyalty, Faithful, Gentle, Strong, Humble, Generous, Patient, Calm, Shrewd, Wise, Aplomb, Emotional-Intelligence, Integrity.

Burning ears means you're still alive Elf ,haha .... <br />
<br />
Too bad work people can't be as much fun at work as socially, but we know why ... <br />
Saved a copy of the CrazyChicken picture ... it's funny ...

Thank you for your lovely comments ..<br />
<br />
Princess, you didn't say what qualities you are most drawn to ...

I love brilliant minds regardless. While very important in a partner, I really appreciate my friends and co-workers' brilliance, as it adds so much to any relationship. The same goes for compassion.<br />
<br />
You my friend Tas belong to both categories - Brilliant & Compassionate.<br />
<br />
Love you!

Funny that .. :)

I felt my ears burning............. smiles

A brilliant mind is VERY important sexually .. for sure<BR><BR>But I was thinking generally and with work colleagues and friends I think I am attracted to other qualities first.<BR><BR>Hmm ..thinking about it more .. it probably IS their minds afterall

Compassion, humour and a brilliant mind!

Ah ah, a translantic confusion.<br />
<br />
I have pre coffee confusion.

What??<br />
<br />
Oh that story .. it was just some translantic confusion .. all gone now ..<br />
<br />
This story is about qualities .. and nobility is a very good attractive quality.

She killed it! It might have escaped a bin!<br />
<br />
Oh...sorry, Helpful, gentle....

Sorry to hijack Tas.

Did she kill it?<br />
Or did she "bin it"?

Dirty details? Very interesting. How dirty is dirty to warrant a noble death?

Whats all this personal chit chat on my story ... ??<br />
<br />
I wtk about qualities here!

Very noble, Nancy. Dirty details in my broaden my knowledge story.......

Hmmm .. <BR><BR>You are shrinking my vocabuary!!

Oh my! So it was a noble death?

There are many many qualities that I find admirable in people. Attraction, however, is different -- it is fickle and irrational. Attraction is like magic.

Tasmin! I saved your butt!<br />
It was a kindness, believe me!

ask datura .. she killed it!

Say what? What story?

Hmmmm .. hehe <br />
<br />
just had to delete a story because of a confusion.. :(

That's funny..

I know you understand Drewberry <br />
<br />
Nancy .. I agree .. kindness matters wherever you are <br />
.. and honesty ofcourse.<br />
<br />
People without a sense of humour make me laugh ..

For work or play give me a human with a finely tuned sense of humor and a geniune desire to be kind and honest.

good distinctions between work and play. I agree.